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Nortech Focuses on National Security: Supplying Ammonium Nitrate Free Alternatives to Instant Cold Packs.
After 9/11, no Ambulances or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were permitted entry to ground zero with any rescue or safety products containing Hazardous Materials within their vehicles. Surprisingly, one of the most dangerous, explosive and hazardous materials is found in most Instant Cold Packs out there today.

Nortech Takes Proactive Approach Against Viral Skin Infections: Introducing the Blue Easy Sleeve™
Intended for use with Therma-Kool® hot/cold gel therapy packs and InstaKool™ instant cold packs, disposable Blue Easy Sleeves™ act as protective barrier between skin and pack and will not interfere with healing process. Sleeves are non-woven, hand-stitched, and non-porous, helping to minimize chance of potentially spreading infectious skin viruses.

Nortech Introduces GEL BLOX™ Shipping Pack for Cold Transport
Nortech’s Gel Blox™ shipping pack is one of the water-based gel refrigerant cold packs on the market that was specifically designed and engineered for shipping heat sensitive products.

Nortech Introduces ComfaGel™: Gel Therapy Cushions and Overlay Mattress Products for Anti-Fatigue Applications
Comfa-Gel(TM) products are designed for use by those with a temporary or chronic condition that requires prolonged seating and increased risk of pressure ulcers or for use by those who experience discomfort when seated due to arthritis, lower back pain, or other conditions.

InstaKool™ Disposable Cold Packs Passes Test of Cold Duration
Cryogenic Therapy has been long used as a modality to treat various medical applications/indications such as such; strains, sprains, contusions, headaches, minor bleeding and burns.

InstaKool™ “HAZMAT Free” Passes D.O.T. Material Safety Data
InstaKool™ is designed to meet all safety requirements with regard to the safe use and distribution of products. Designed with Hazmat issues removed, InstaKool™ meets all safety requirements within the manufacture process and during transportation and use.

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The Hazards and Dangers of Ammonium Nitrate
Ammonium nitrate is an important component of many fertilizer mixtures. It provides a source of nitrogen to plants, which increases growth and crop yields. Small quantities of ammonium nitrate are also sold as an additive for mining explosives and other nonagricultural uses.

Shipping with Ammonium Nitrate
Nortech’s goal is to educate and bring awareness of the dangers that Ammonium Nitrate present the end user, but also the hazards of management and handling of your products through the supply chain network.

InstaKool Frequently Asked Questions
InstaKool features Carbamakool – a proprietary cooling agent to establish colder and longer lasting cooling temperatures as they relate to the initial onset and duration of cold.

Cold Shipping Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ on cold shipping & Nortech’s cold shipping products including how to use Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs, Insulated Box Liners assembly instructions, and how to tell if a package will arrive in optimum condition.

InstaKool Instant Cold Pack
Cool Instant Cold Pack
Cool Blue Foil Insulated Box Liners
ThermaKool Reusable Hot Cold Pack
Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs
ComfaGel Pressure Reducing Gel

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