Private Labeling & Product Development

Private Labeling and Product Development

Product Development & Consulting Services

Let Nortech help you develop and customize your products. We understand that branding and packaging are key components for the optimization of any business. Nortech offers consulting for a wide range of customized products in the first aid, gel therapy and positioning markets.

We specialize in private labeling instant cold packs and reusable hot cold gel packs that are environmentally friendly and hazmat free! All our products are non-toxic and ammonium nitrate free. (Click here to learn more about the HAZARDS of Ammonium Nitrate).

Nortech’s lightweight gel is used in a variety of applications that include, but are not limited to, gel positioning aids in the neonatal and perineal markets, gel packs, gel bladders, gel pillows for positioning or pressure relief, and cold or hot gel packs used in a variety of applications in the therapy market.

Rather than hiring a high priced consultant who may be unfamiliar with most manufacturing processes, Nortech offers product development and consulting services for a nominal fee. Above all, we work closely with you to develop a product customized to your specifications.

Please Call or contact us online for Consulting Rates & Further Information.

Private Label Opportunities
• Ice / Cold & Hot Gel Therapy Packs
• Gel Refrigerant Shipping Packs (Cold Shipping Packs)
• Disposable Instant Cold (Ammonium Nitrate Free) Packs
• Pressure Alleviating Positioning Aids for a variety of markets
• Gel Bladders & Pillows

Exclusive Packaging
Our private label sector provides a strategic advantage for clients in a highly competitive market. In addition, we work intently with our clients to develop customized packaging to meet all specifications. Nortech’s fundamental goal is to add value and differentiation to your product.

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InstaKool Instant Cold Pack
Cool Instant Cold Pack
Cool Blue Foil Insulated Box Liners
ThermaKool Reusable Hot Cold Pack
Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs
ComfaGel Pressure Reducing Gel

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