InstaKool“ “HAZMAT Free” Passes D.O.T. Material Safety Data

InstaKool Ice Packs are safe & non-hazardous
InstaKool Ice Packs are safe & non-hazardous

Cryogenic Therapy has been long used as a modality to treat various medical applications/indications such as such; strains, sprains, contusions, headaches, minor bleeding and burns. This product reaches the end user as a single use disposable product.

Market/manufacture research was performed by Nortech Laboratories to determine if there was a market need to incorporate a manufacturing line to vertically integrate our current instant ice pack business as they were originally designed, with ammonium nitrate. Results; To manufacture products using Ammonium Nitrate (AN) as a base constituent was ill-advised due to legislature and upcoming control of AN.

How Ammonium Nitrate is used in Instant Ice Packs:
“In cold packs, the chemical ammonium nitrate is often used because it absorbs a lot of heat when it dissolves in water. In other words, ammonium nitrate dissolves in water endothermically. Water and ammonium nitrate are kept in separate compartments in the pack until the pack is needed. Then the chambers are broken and the ammonium nitrate dissolves in the water, absorbing heat and making the pack as cold as 0 degrees Celsius.”

Homeland Security; Bill H.R 3197 House of Representatives June 30, 2005
Since the Okalahoma bombing and the first World Trade Center attacks ammonium nitrate has been the focal point through legislature such as {Bill H.R. 3197} which drives the Bill/reasons before the House that explicitly denotes Ammonium Nitrate as a key ingredient used in the manufacture of bombs used domestically and abroad.

Department of Transportation:
Hazardous Material (Hazmat) charges are applied to all products that contain AN that would include instant cold packs. Addendum A shows applicable charges associated with shipping and distribution of AN based products by weight per state. Since the AN shown above is separate from the water bags, AN stays in its original (Hazmat) form.

InstaKool™ is designed to meet all safety requirements with regard to the safe use and distribution of products. Designed with Hazmat issues removed, InstaKool™ meets all safety requirements within the manufacture process and during transportation and use. Due to the combination of ingredients (Urea, CarbamaKool™ and water) InstaKool™ is safely distributed without risk to Homeland Security & or taxes.
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