Shipping with Ammonium Nitrate – A Hazardous Material

Shipping Costs & Shipping Restrictions with Ammonium Nitrate
Shipping Costs & Shipping Restrictions with Ammonium Nitrate

Nortech has developed the following key information guidelines to support your discovery efforts while managing your supply chain costs.

Instant ice packs, although a commodity, have been identified with specific charges associated with shipping that makes the back-end of shipping a product like this a logistics concern.

To educate and bring awareness of the dangers that Ammonium Nitrate present the end user but also the hazards of management and handling of your products through the supply chain network.

All InstaKool™ Instant Cold Packs and COOL Instant Cold Packs are Ammonium Nitrate Free with NO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS.

Below are the applicable rates per state as a cost per pound.

Ship-To State $Cost Per Pound Ship-To State $Cost Per Pound Ship-To State $Cost Per Pound
Alabama 0.3240 Maine 0.2876 Ohio 0.1931
Arizona 0.1890 Maryland 0.1757 Oklahoma 0.2899
Arkansas 0.3368 Massachusetts 0.2300 Oregon 0.4457
California 0.1812 Michigan 0.1980 Pennsylvania 0.1590
Colorado 0.3791 Minnesota 0.3970 Rhode Island 0.2210
Connecticut 0.1998 Mississippi 0.4486 South Carolina 0.2632
Delaware 0.2556 Missouri 0.2832 South Dakota 0.4213
Florida 0.2977 Montana 0.4314 Tennessee 0.3270
Georgia 0.2398 Nebraska 0.2938 Texas 0.3765
Idaho 0.3047 Nevada 0.2068 Utah 0.2369
Illinois 0.2035 New Hampshire 0.2485 Vermont 0.2360
Indiana 0.2335 New Jersey 0.1983 Virginia 0.1790
Iowa 0.3030 New Mexico 0.2624 Washington 0.3201
Kansas 0.3747 New York 0.2543 West Virginia 0.3018
Kentucky 0.2586 North Carolina 0.2159 Wisconsin 0.0277
Louisiana 0.3352 North Dakota 0.4645 Wyoming 0.3710

Current Freight and Shipping Notes to Consider with Ammonium Nitrate

All overnight and air shipments will incur these actual freight charges and handling charges with any and all applicable HAZMAT charges.

All orders you ship UPS Collect, FedEx Collect or Consignee Billing will be subject to a $10.00 handling charge and a $20.00 Hazmat Fee (if applicable).

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