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COOL BLUE™ Foil Bubble Rolls

Foil Material Reflects 97% of Radiant Heat

Cool Blue™ Foil Bubble Rolls Features & Benefits:

  • Foil Bubble Rolls are available in multiple sizes and can be cut down to fill different applications.
  • Ideal for cutting down and lining boxes.
  • Great for lining 48′ or 53′ trailer gaylords, pallets and more!
  • Cool Blue insulation acts as a shield against the three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiant.
  • The bubbles and poly prevent conduction and convection heat transfer while the foil reflects 97% of the radiant heat.
  • Extra protection! 1/4″ wide, 3/16″ thick foil laminated metalized bubble cushion.


recycled FDA approved Made with recycled FDA approved plastic and reusable foil

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COOL BLUE™ Foil Bubble Rolls Packaging Options

Foil Bubble Roll
Nortech Cool Blue™ Foil Bubble Rolls
3/16″ Thick, 1/4″ wide Foil Bubble Rolls – Blue Lining Inside, Silver Outside
Item Code Size (W x L) Qty
NFBR8500 8″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR12500 12″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR24500 24″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR28500 28″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR32500 32″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR36500 36″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR48500 48″ x 500′ 1 Roll
NFBR64500 64″ x 500′ 1 Roll

COOL BLUE™ Additional Information:

Benefits of Insulated Box Liners over Styrofoam

Benefits of Insulated Box Liners over Styrofoam

Insulated Box Liners take up less storage, lowers shipping costs and provides just as much insulation as a traditional cooler.
PDF (PDF, 532 kb)

Cool Blue Foil Products Catalog

COOL BLUE™ Foil Products Catalog

The next step in temperature controlled packaging. Foil products including drum liners, cargo kits, insulated box liners, foil bubble mailers, roll stock & more.
PDF (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Cool Blue Foil Physical Properties

COOL BLUE™ Foil Physical Properties

Physical Properties and Values of COOL BLUE Foil. FDA Approved Low Density Polyethylene (Mechanical Properties and Values).

Cool Blue Insulated Box Liner Instructions

COOL BLUE™ Liners Instructions

Assembly Instructions for using COOL BLUE Insulated Foil Bubble Liners during shipping of heat sensitive products.
PDF (PDF, 944 kb)

Nortech Cold Shipping Catalog


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