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Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs

Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs

GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Pack is a water-based gel refrigerant pack that is specifically designed & engineered for COLD transport and shipping heat sensitive products.

Cool Blue Foil Insulated Box Liners

Cool Blue Insulated Box Liners

Cool Blue™ Insulated Foil Bubble Box Liners by Nortech Labs feature heat reflecting technology that acts as a shield against the three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiant.

Cool Blue Foil Bubble Rolls

COOL Blue Foil Bubble Rolls

Cool Blue Foil Bubble Rolls are available in multiple sizes and can be cut down to fill different applications. Great for lining 48′ or 53′ trailer gaylords, pallets and more!

Cool Blue Foil Bubble Mailers

Cool Blue Foil Bubble Mailers

Cool Blue™ Foil Bubble Mailers cost less than traditional foam and are ideal for cold shipping. Reflects 97% of radiant heat and bubble laminated for durability and protective cushioning.

Kodiak Pack Insulated Metalized Envelopes

Kodiak Pack Insulated Metalized Envelopes

Kodiak Pack Insulated Metalized Envelopes are a cost effective cold chain system that ensures that your valuable temperature sensitive payloads arrive in optimum condition.

Foil Thermal Bubble Mailers, 3/16"

Foil Thermal Bubble Mailers, 3/16″

Provides thermal shipping insulation and protection for a variety of applications including food and pharmaceuticals. Heavy duty self sealing adhesive strips, FDA compliant. 3/16″ metalized bubble helps cushion and protects products.

Structured Gel Plant-based Cold Packs

Structured Gel Plant-Based Cold Packs

Plant-based structured refrigerant gel is LEAK PROOF and retains it’s shape even when thawed. Cold distributes evenly & uniformly throughout pack and will not leak if punctured. Reusable, Biodegradable and Compostable.

Tag T1 Temperature Data Logger

Tag T1 Temperature Data Logger

An RFID-enabled Temperature Logger with the form factor of a shipping label. Temperature Data Logger allows monitoring and tracking of shipments with a wide recording range of -30C to +50C. Read tags from any smart phone.

Custom Insulated Cold Shipping Systems


Pre-Qualified Custom Insulated Shipping Systems are ideal for safe storage and transit of temperature sensitive, refrigerated, or frozen products. Constructed of Recycled material and does not require special handling for disposal.

Nortech Cold Shipping Catalog


Download our Cold Chain Shipping Catalog to view our full line of cold shipping products.


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InstaKool Instant Cold Pack
Cool Instant Cold Pack
Cool Blue Foil Insulated Box Liners
ThermaKool Reusable Hot Cold Pack
Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs
ComfaGel Pressure Reducing Gel

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