Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the expiration and proper storage of your products?

a.) Therma-Kool®: No Expiration, Store in a Cool, Dry Place

b.) Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs: No Expiration, Store in a Cool, Dry Place

c.) InstaKool™ & Cool Instant: No Expiration, Store in a Cool, Dry Place 

Q) What happens if the contents of Therma-Kool®, Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs, InstaKool™ or COOL are accidentally ingested?

a.) Therma-Kool®, Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs, InstaKool™ & COOL Instant Cold packs are made with non-toxic and non hazardous ingredients, so they are completely safe. You may contact poison control or your physician just to be safe. 

Q) What happens if Therma-Kool®, Gel Blox™, or InstaKool™ leaks and gets on my skin or clothes?

a.) Simply discard the punctured pack in the garbage. Therma-Kool®, Gel Blox™, and InstaKool™ are all water soluble- wash the affected area (skin or clothes) with soap and warm water. 

Q) What is the difference between Therma-Kool® Reusable Hot Cold Packs & Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs?

a.) Therma-Kool® is a reusable gel therapy pack that will remain flexible when frozen. Always avoid direct skin contact and wrap with a Freedom Wrap®, Blue Easy Sleeve, cloth or towel before applying to the affected area.

b.) Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs are a water-based gel refrigerant shipping pack that will become solid when frozen. Cold Shipping Packs are specifically designed and engineered for COLD transport & storage of perishable items & shipping heat sensitive products. Designed as a safer alternative to dry ice, Cold Shipping Packs are great for cold transport of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medicines, various foods, chocolates, meats and other perishable product. 

Q) How do you get the gel packs cold?

a.) Place Nortech gel packs in Freezer or Refrigerator.

Q) What is the recommended use for Therma-Kool® reusable hot or cold gel therapy pack?

a.) Twenty (20) minutes on the affected area; Twenty (20) minutes off (Always place Therma-Kool® in a Freedom Wrap®, Blue Easy Sleeve, towel or cloth before apply to skin.)

Q) How long do products stay cold for?

a.) Therma-Kool®: 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on preconditioning in freezer & outside temperature.

b.) InstaKool™: 15-20 minutes depending on outside & body temperature.

c.) Gel Blox™ Cold Gel Refrigerant Shipping Pack: Cold Shipping Packs will freeze to the temperature of the Freezer. Cold Shipping Packs can stay cold for hours & when properly conditioned studies have shown they can remain cold or frozen for days. 
Factors that may help keep Nortech Cold Shipping Packs cold:
• Proper air tight insulation ( EPS Foam Containers/Coolers)
• Outside environmental conditions (Cold Shipping Packs will thaw quicker when outside temperature is higher)

Q) How do I dispose of Gel Blox™ Cold Shipping Packs?

a.) Gel Blox™ gel consists of non-toxic food grade polymer and can be disposed of directly in a garbage bin. Gel Blox™ is also reusable; they can be kept in a freezer and used for camping, tailgating, or shipping.

Q) Where can I find SDS sheets on Nortech Labs products?

a.) For SDS of Nortech Products, please see our Forms & Data page.

Q) Is InstaKool™ or COOL Instant Cold Packs hazardous?

a.) No, Instakool™ and COOL are a Urea based formula made with safe & non hazardous ingredients. Urea when dissolved in water is neither acidic nor alkaline.

Q) How do I clean a Therma-Kool® Reusable Gel Pack?

a.) To clean ThermaKool Reusable Hot Cold Gel Packs, use antibacterial soap in conjunction with warm water. 

Q) How do I clean a Freedom Wrap®?

a.) For Nortech Freedom Wraps, hand wash and let air dry.

Q) What is the thickness of Nortech’s Blue Easy Sleeves™?

a.) Blue Easy Sleeves™ are approximately 57 grams thick.

Q) My Therma-Kool feels like it is frozen solid. What should I do?

a.) Freezer coldness will vary and depending on temperature settings Therma-Kool Reusable Hot / Cold Gel Packs may seem like they are frozen solid. Thaw out for 2-3 minutes or if in immediate need of the product, run it under warm water until Gel Pack becomes pliable.

[revised 08/19/22]
For any other questions regarding Nortech products, please call us at 1-888-COLDPAK (265-3725). For tips and best practices on cold shipping, visit our Cold Shipping Frequently Asked Questions.

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