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Tecniclene™ Concentrated Cleaning Solution

Ultra Sonic Cleanser in a Concentrated Powder & Liquid

Tecniclene Cleaning Solution Features & Benefits:

  • Great for Dental Offices, Hospitals and Industrial Safety.
  • Non-ionic, concentrated cleaning compound.
  • Combines a powerful detergent, scrubbing agent, blood solvent, deodorizer and wetting agent to achieve a new standard of cleaning power.
  • Various sizes for different applications.
  • Non caustic or harmful to hands.
  • No Foaming (Contains Anti-Foaming Agent).
  • Biodegradable.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.


A New Standard of Cleaning Power

Tecniclene™ is a non-ionic, concentrated cleaning compound. Tecniclene™ combines a powerful detergent, scrubbing agent, blood solvent, deodorizer and wetting agent to achieve a new standard of cleaning power. Tecniclene™ removes blood, organic debris, buffing compounds, soils, oxides, rouges, and Tripoli from instruments, burs, orthodontic appliances, gold, porcelain and general equipment. Great for Dental offices, hospitals and industrial safety.

Tecniclene Advantages:

Economical: Costs may be as low as pennies per gallon
Time & Labor Savings: No scrubbing required
Safety: Non caustic or harmful to hands
Non-Ionic: Easy identification
No Foaming: Contains anti-foaming ingredient
Biodegradable: Environmentally Safe

Tecniclene Concentrated Cleaning Solution Packaging Options

Tecniclene Concentrated Cleaning Solution - Liquid
Tecniclene™ Concentrated Cleaning Solution LIQUID
UPC: 010824210257
Item Code Size Qty
N1025L-1 1 Gallon 1 Each
N1025L-4 1 Gallon 4/Case
Tecniclene Concentrate Powder
Tecniclene™ Concentrated Cleaning Solution POWDER
UPC: 010824310254
Item Code Size Qty
N1025P-1 2 LB Container 1 Each
N1025P-12 2 LB Container 12/Case

Directions for Use:


Each 2 lb tub makes 32 gallons of cleaning solution. 1 oz. makes 1 gallon of cleaning solution.

Usage of Tecniclene™:
Mix 1 level scoop of Tecniclene powder ( 1 oz ) with 1 gallon of warm water.



Each 1 Gallon bottle provides 128 gallons of powerful cleaning solutions.

Usage of Tecniclene™:
Mix 1 oz. of Tecniclene liquid ( 1 oz ) with 1 gallon of warm water.

As an Ultrasound Cleaner

Fill ultrasound chamber to level line with cleaning solution


As an Instrument Presoak

Fully immerse in solution for at least 30 minutes, longer for more heavily soiled instruments.


As an Evacuation System Cleaner

Follow manufacturers flushing and maintenance directions.

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