Nortech Takes Proactive Approach Against Viral Skin Infections: Introducing the Blue Easy Sleeve™

Blue Easy Sleeves Protective Covers
Blue Easy Sleeves Protective Covers

Nortech is taking a proactive approach against skin viruses in first aid and gel therapy products. Often overlooked, skin infections such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) have become highly prevalent and are widely contagious among school systems, medical facilities and other work environments. According to a 2007 report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was estimated that MRSA infections doubled nationwide in hospitals.

With the recent increase in skin viruses, facilities are strongly encouraged to take precautions to avert the possibility of cross contamination. Nortech has placed an importance emphasis on the proper use of their Therma-Kool® hot / cold gel therapy packs and InstaKool™ instant cold packs by providing the appropriate safety measures.

Nortech introduces the Blue Easy Sleeve™, a Disposable Non-Woven Blue Covers for instant and reusable hot / cold packs, designed to prevent cross contamination. The disposable cover acts as a durable, protective barrier between the skin and the pack and will not interfere with the healing process. Unlike paper towels, which are costly and permeable, Nortech’s Blue Easy Sleeve™ is non-woven, hand stitched and non porous.

The Blue Easy Sleeve™ is great for hospitals, school nurses, and sports teams. In the United States, an alarming amount of reports have been recorded among school locker rooms and gymnasiums regarding MRSA outbreaks and infections through skin contact. Using Nortech’s Blue Easy Sleeve™ can minimize the chance of potentially spreading infectious skin viruses. While Nortech continues to keep the industry safe, it is also encouraged that all Healthcare workers follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guidelines for Infection Control in Health Care Personnel.

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