Nortech Introduces Gel Blox™ Shipping Pack for Cold Transport

Gel Blox Cold Gel Shipping Packs
Gel Blox Cold Gel Shipping Packs

Nortech’s Gel Blox™ Shipping Pack is one of the water-based gel refrigerant cold packs on the market that was specifically designed and engineered for shipping heat sensitive products. This includes pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medicines, meats and other perishable products. As the original inventor, Nortech is the established leader in a patented product application to hot/cold gel refrigerant packaging. The proprietary formulation is a culmination of over 45 years of research into high performance light weight gel. The latest of these developments have created a new generation of COLD Performance.

Gel Blox™ weights range from 8 – 32oz. However, with Nortech’s brand new innovative technology, we have the capability to customize each pack to the specific weight or size your product requires to be shipped correctly.

Gel Blox™ Shipping Pack thermal properties are like none other. This is made possible by utilizing Nortech’s proprietary lightweight gel formula that freezes quicker and stays colder longer than standard gel formulas. When compared to standard gel formulas, on a volume basis, Nortech’s proprietary lightweight formula is lighter in weight without sacrificing cooling efficiency.

Gel Blox™ also helps reduce shipping and HAZ-MAT charges. Most temperature sensitive freight items are subject to costly express shipping charges or hazardous dry ice surcharges. The reduced weight and non-toxic properties of the Gel Blox™ Shipping Pack translates into significant savings in freight costs when compared to standard heavy gel packs of the same volume.

The Gel Blox™ Shipping Pack is manufactured along side gel packs used in hospitals and receives the same rigorous quality control standards normally reserved for medical devices. Proven to be virtually leak free, each seal and bag are individually pressure tested and visually inspected for leakage before they leave the factory.

Nortech Laboratories, Inc. is an FDA licensed manufacturing facility, producing a wide variety of innovative gel products for medical and industrial usage.

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