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Sterile Eye Wash

Nortech Labs carries a full line of Sterile Isotonic Buffered Eye Wash Solution that cleanses, refreshes, and helps relieve irritation. Available in three different sizes: 0.5 oz, 1 oz, 4 oz sizes.

Sterile Eye Wash Packaging Options

Eye Wash, 0.5 oz (half)
Sterile Eye Wash, 0.5 oz
NDC: 59390
Case UPC: 756641
Item CodeSizeQty
175-130.5 oz EYE WASH, STERILE144/Case
Eye Wash, 1 oz
Sterile Eye Wash, 1 oz
NDC: 59390
Case UPC: 756641
Item CodeSizeQty
175-181 oz EYE WASH, STERILE144/Case
Eye Wash, 4 oz
Sterile Eye Wash, 4 oz
NDC: 59390
Case UPC: 756641
Item CodeSizeQty
175-354 oz EYE WASH, STERILE36/Case

Buy from our new E-Commerce website!

Sterile Eye Wash is available for purchase on our e-commerce website at NortechLabsOnline.com

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