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Exam Disposables

Exam Disposables Packaging Options

Exam Table Paper

Strong, absorbent table paper protects exam tables from dirt and moisture while offering comfort and protection for patients. Available in smooth or crepe finish (crepe is softer, quieter and more absorbent). Crepe is also more textured which will help prevent it from sliding on surfaces.

Exam Table Paper
Item CodeSizeQty
N852258.5″ Headrest Paper Smooth24 rolls / 225′
N1422514″ Exam Paper Smooth12 rolls / 225′
N1822518″ Exam Paper Smooth12 rolls / 225′
N1812518″ Exam Paper Crepe12 rolls / 125′
N2122521″ Exam Paper Smooth12 rolls / 225′
N2112521″ Exam Paper Crepe12 rolls / 125′

Exam Capes

Economical & functional Exam Capes. These waist length examination capes are constructed of materials that are on the cutting edge for durability & comfort. Tissue/Poly/Tissue.

Item CodeSizeQty
N901Premium Exam Capes, T/P/T, White100/Case
N903Premium Exam Capes, T/P/T, Blue100/Case
N905Premium Exam Capes, T/P/T, Mauve100/Case
Exam Capes

Exam Gowns (Deluxe Non-Woven & Tissue/Poly/Tissue)

Deluxe Exam Gowns are designed with both patient comfort and modesty in mind. Blue SMS, Extended Wear Gown w/Belt, Front/back opening, Latex-free, Comfortable & Durable. Tissue/Poly/Tissue Gowns are our most economical gowns and feature multi-layered material for absorbency and strength.

Exam Gowns
Item CodeSizeQty
NES13SXLDeluxe Exam Gowns, Non-Woven, Blue50/Case
N813Tissue / Poly / Tissue Exam Gowns, Blue50/Case

Exam Shorts

Exam Shorts feature elastic waistband and made of Blue SMS material. Soft, drapeable, fluid and particulate resistant. 1.75 oz weight. 1/4″ stitch at leg opening. Packaged 50 per case.

Item CodeSizeQty
NESMExam Shorts, Medium 28″ – 35″50/Case
NESLExam Shorts, Large 32″ – 44″50/Case
NESXLExam Shorts, X-Large 38″ – 46″50/Case
NESXXLExam Shorts, XX-Large 46 – 58″50/Case
Exam Shorts

Disposable Pillow Covers, Sponbond

Disposable Pillow Covers are ideal for hygienic, single use pillow protection. Size: 21″ x 30″. Fits all standard pillows. Available in Blue or White. 100 pillow covers per case.

Disposable Pillow Covers, Spunbond
Item CodeSizeQty
NPC2230BDisposable Pillow Covers, Spunbond, White100/Case
NPC2230WDisposable Pillow Covers, Spunbond, Blue100/Case

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