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ThermaKool Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

Reusable Gel Pack designed to provide comfortable pain relief when cold or hot therapy is required. ThermaKool® remains flexible when frozen and is safe for microwavable use.

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ThermaKool Reusable Hot / Cold Pack
GEL BLOX™ Cold Shipping Pack

GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Pack is a water-based gel refrigerant pack that is specifically designed and engineered for COLD transport and shipping heat sensitive products.

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GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Packs
InstaKool™ Instant Cold Pack

InstaKool™ Instant Cold Packs deliver immediate cold therapy for first aid. InstaKool™ is Ammonium Nitrate-Free and rivals the temperature ranges of previous cold packs.

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InstaKool Instant Cold Pack
Cold Shipping Products

Nortech Labs is a leading source for thermal insulated shipping containers, temperature packaging and proven thermal transport products.

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Cold Chain Shipping
COOL Instant Cold Pack

COOL Instant Cold Packs deliver immediate cold therapy for first aid. COOL Instant Cold Packs feature instant activation and is a safer, cost effective first aid.

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COOL Instant Cold Pack
Eye Wash

Our Sterile Isotonic Buffered Eye Wash Solution cleanses, refreshes, and helps relieve irritation. Available in six different sizes from 1/2 oz to 32 oz bottles.

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Eye Wash
Dental Pack™ Cold Pack

Dental Pack™ Cold Pack is dentist recommended and provides hospital proven relief. Dental Pack™ reduces swelling and discomfort from extractions, root canals, and more.

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Dental Pack Cold Pack
Freedom Wrap™ Reusable Covers

Freedom Wrap® Reusable Covers provide hands free comfort during hot or cold gel therapy. Elastic touch fastener secures Freedom Wrap® to any part of the body.

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Freedom Wrap Reusable Covers
Blue Easy Sleeves™

Blue Easy Sleeves™ are disposable yet durable non-woven covers manufactured for gel therapy. Blue Easy Sleeves™ act as a protective barrier between the skin and gel therapy pack.

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Blue Easy Sleeves
Tecniclene™ Concentrated Cleaning Solution

Tecniclene™ combines a powerful detergent, scrubbing agent, blood solvent, deodorizer and wetting agent to achieve a new standard of cleaning power.

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Tecniclene Concentrated Cleaning Solution
CELOX™ Wound Care

CELOX™ quickly stops all types of bleeding. It can even stop potentially lethal bleeding fast. Celox was originally developed to assist military medics with some of the worst wounds imaginable.

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CELOX Wound Care
Laboratory & Scientific Equipment

Nortech Labs carries a full line of superior engineered laboratory, scientific and medical disposable plastics.

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Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
Exam Disposables

Our full line of Exam Disposables features Exam Table Paper, Medicine Cups, Pre-Moistened Cleansing Washcloths, Disposable Medical Exam Gloves and more.

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Exam Disposables
ComfaGel™ Pressure Reducing Gel Therapy

ComfaGel™ is ideal for stress and pressure management, reducing pressure and providing an extremely stable and comfortable seating surface.

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ComfaGel Pressure Reducing Gel Therapy

COOL Instant Cold Pack
ThermaKool Hot Cold Pack
ComfaGel Pressure Management

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