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Insulated Metalized Envelopes

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KODIAK PACK Insulated Metalized Envelopes
A Thermally Superior Insulated Transit Bag

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Cost effective cold chain system ensures that your valuable temperature sensitive payloads arrive in optimum condition.
  • A multi-layered metalized film composite exterior that reflects 97% of radiant heat.
  • Airtight payload chamber with heavy duty FDA approved ziplock closure and a flap down sealing tape.
  • Thick padded mailers cushion and insulate up to 36 hours.
  • Metallic 1/2" very thick foam with metallized poly exterior. Dual closure with leakproof zipper inside and exterior self-seal strip.
  • Insulated with entangled, multi denier fibers in air still bladder.
  • Superior seam strength creates airtight construction and crush resistant bladders.
  • Great for compounding pharmacies and shipping fertility medications.
  • Available in Standard & Custom Sizes.

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Keep pharmaceuticals, medicines and perishables cold during transport.

Don't trust your valuable temperature sensitive payloads to packaging of the past. Kodiak Pack Insulated Metalized Envelopes are made of multi-layered metalized film that reflects 97% of radiant heat ensuring that your payloads arrive in optimum condition.

How Insulated Metalized Envelopes Work:
    1. CLOSURE: Our heavy duty closure system is two fold. The FDA approved zip lock inner closure joins the front and rear air tight bladders, sealing the payload chamber making it airtight and leak resistant. Our tape is a tamper resistant, wide, low temperature, (10 mil) adhesive strip designed to maintain its integrity even when the envelope is packed in dry ice. Engineered to endure extreme temperatures externally or from within, it is the safe guard for an airtight leak resistant payload chamber.

    2. INSULATION: Our proprietary insulation is a product of multi purpose engineering. This loosely intertwined fibrous “mechanical foam” provides a static zone of encapsulated air space to restrict the penetration of thermal energy. It is also designed to be compatible and bond into the bottom and side seams with our chill film and inner PET to create air tight insulated seams, structural integrity, superior crush resistance and burst strength.

    3. FILM: Our proprietary film is a multi layered metalized composite. It has two mirrored depositions and is the first line of defense against radiation, convection and conduction. It reflects 99% of all radiant heat transfer. It has very low porosity to minimize oxygen transfer. It is vacuum formable, puncture resistant and has high burst strength. It is flexible and out performs foil in flex tests 25 to 1. It is FDA approved, an aroma barrier and is easier to dispose of than foil.

    4. SEAMS: Our insulation is engineered to seal into the bottom & side seams in a proprietary seam sealing process. Front and back outer films, inner films and insulation seal together (6 layers) making two airtight bladders that encapsulate the payload, creating superior seam/burst strength, structural integrity, crush resistance and airtight insulated seams.

9" x 6" ID
9" x 12" ID
12" x 16" ID
15" x 20" ID
Dimensions / Sizes are Inside Dimensions
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