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InstaKool Instant Cold Pack

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InstaKool™ Instant Cold Pack
The World's Coldest Instant Cold Pack with CARBAMAKOOL™*!
Ammonium Nitrate Free

Product Features and Benefits:
  • Delivers Immediate Cold Therapy for First Aid.
  • Safe, Cost Effective First Aid.
  • Instant Activation.
  • 3 Sizes for Different Contours and Uses.
  • Stays colder longer with Nortech's proprietary cooling agent, CarbamaKool™.
  • Exceeds American National Standard - Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits (ANSI Z308).
  • No Shipping Restrictions, Haz-Mat Charges or Labeling Requirements - Safe Shipping by Air, Land or Sea.
  • Latex Free, Haz-Mat Free.
  • Available for Private Label.

Ammonium Nitrate Free Environmentally Friendly Haz-Mat Free No Shipping Restrictions Latex Free Doctor Recommended Instant Activation Proudly Made in the USA

InstaKool™ Instant Cold Pack delivers immediate cold therapy for first aid, providing comfort and reducing swelling after an injury. This revolutionary formula is the first instant cold pack with National Security and Safety in mind. InstaKool™ is a urea based formula that is Ammonium Nitrate-Free and rivals the temperature ranges of previous cold packs. Exceeds American National Standard - Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits (ANSI Z30). Insta-Kool™ is a Safer and Haz-Mat Free Instant Cold Pack.

* CARBAMAKOOL™ is Nortech's licensed proprietary cooling agent used in InstaKool™ Instant Cold Packs. For more information, see our InstaKool™ Frequently Asked Questions.

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Insta-Kool™ Packaging Options
Item Code Size Description Quantity Item UPC Case UPC
TKINST4624 5" x 6" Instant Cold (First Aid Kit Size) 24 010824000568 010824056244
TKINST4650BX 5" x 6" Kit Size Individually Boxed 50 010824000568 010824056503
TKINST4680 5" x 6" Instant Cold (First Aid Kit Size) 80 010824000568 010824056808
TKINST5716 5" x 7" Instant Cold (Junior Size) 16 010824000575 010824057166
TKINST5724 5" x 7" Instant Cold (Junior Size) 24 010824000575 010824057241
TKINST5748 5" x 7" Instant Cold (Junior Size) 48 010824000575 010824057487
TKINST6816 6" x 8.75" Instant Cold (Large Size) 16 010824000681 010824000681
TKINST6824 6" x 8.75" Instant Cold (Large Size) 24 010824000681 010824068247
TKINST68BX 6" x 8.75" NEW! Insta-Kool Large Box Image image 1/Box 010824006812 N/A
TKINST572BX 5" x 7" NEW! Insta-Kool Junior, TWIN Image image 2/Box 010824005723 N/A

We are able to manufacture custom sizes for all of our products. If you don't see the size you are looking for, please use our Contact Form or call us at 1-888-COLDPAK (1-888-265-3725).

Forms & Data
Instructions for Use

Instakool Instructions 1
Shake contents to bottom of bag.
Instakool Instructions 2
Locate inner pouch & squeeze firmly to break.
Instakool Instructions 3
Shake well to mix the contents.
Instakool Instructions 4
Apply to injured area wrapped in a soft cloth or Nortech's Blue Easy Sleeve.

InstaKool™ Cold Pack Test

Below information provided shows the InstaKool product containing water and a urea base ingredient has met the (ANSI) Z308.1-2203 American National Standard-Minimum Requirement for Cold Packs Tested Cold Packs were activated under normal pressure and showed no leakage.

Requirement to meet standard are as follows: each cold shall be at least 4x5 inches in size and shall reach a temperature between 20°F to 40°F with 10 seconds of activation. Cold pack shall also maintain a temperature between 20°F to 40°F for a period of at least 15 minutes.1

Temperature TestInsta-Kool Temperature Test Clinical Trial:
Temperature Results of a Clinical Trial conducted on January 12, 2013
Size of Pack °F / °C within 10 sec of activation °F / °C 5 minutes of activation °F / °C 15 minutes of activation
5" x 6" (kit size) 28.8°F / -1.76°C 33.4°F / -0.8°C 38°F / 3.35°C
5" x 7" (junior size) 27.5°F / -2.47°C 30°F / -1.11°C 37.85°F / 3.25°C
6" x 8.75" (large size) 26.3°F / -3.14°C 31.47°F / -0.29°C 36.86°F / 2.7°C

1 Dr. Annamalai Selvakumar, Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Insta-Kool Cold Temperature Test, Fahrenheit Insta-Kool Cold Temperature Test, Fahrenheit (978 kb, 01/12/13)
Insta-Kool Cold Temperature Test, Celsius Insta-Kool Cold Temperature Test, Celsius (978 kb, 01/12/13)

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