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ComfaGel Pressure Reducing Gel Therapy

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ComfaGel™ Pressure Reducing Gel Therapy
Ideal for Stress and Pressure Management

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces pressure and provides an extremely stable and comfortable seating surface.
  • Accommodates a wide range of body shapes, sizes, and weights.
  • Self leveling and self adjusting.
  • Tear-resistant vinyl cover is Fluid-Proof, Easy to Clean, Antibacterial, and Fire-Retardant.
  • Convenient strap (optional) for carrying and securing cushion to chair.
  • Great for sporting events or sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

Pressure Reducing Gel Fluid Proof Antibacterial Fire-Retardant Pressure Reducing Proudly Made in the USA

Comfa-Gel™ Wheelchair Cushions are designed for use by those with a temporary or chronic condition that requires prolonged seating and increased risk of pressure ulcers or by those who experience discomfort when seated due to arthritis, lower back pain, or other conditions. This self-leveling, self-adjusting cushion's design minimizes bottoming out, reduces pressure, and provides an extremely stable and comfortable seating surface.

Comfa-Gel™ Gel Mattress Overlay incorporates a series of gel bladders encapsulated between high-density polyurethane sculptured foam and support base. This combination creates a therapeutically advanced yet cost effective support surface. Fluid-proof polyurethane-coated nylon cover is durable, antibacterial, antifungal, and fully unzips for easy cleaning. ComfaGel Overlay Mattress features a seal down the middle of each bladder that prevents gel pooling and gel migration so that the patient will not bottom out. Lightweight gel formula reduces overall product weight. Four elastic straps secure the corners snugly to the mattress. Conforms to any adjustable bed. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. Size: 35" x 78" x 3".

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Comfa-Gel™ Packaging Options
Item Code Size Description Quantity Item UPC
CG16182NSB 18” x 16” x 2” Gel Wheelchair Cushion - Nylon Top w/Non-Skid Bottom EA 010824181625
CG16183-N 18” x 16” x 3” Gel Wheelchair Cushion - Nylon Cover w/ Carry Strap EA 010824161832
CG16163NSB 16” x 16” x 3” Gel Wheelchair Cushion - Nylon Top w/Non-Skid Bottom EA 010824161634
CG16183NSB 18” x 16” x 3” Gel Wheelchair Cushion - Nylon Top w/Non-Skid Bottom EA 010824181632
CG35783 35" x 78" x 3" Gel Overlay Mattress EA 010824357839

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