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Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs

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GEL BLOX™ Cold Shipping Packs

Product Features and Benefits:

  • GEL BLOX Cooler & Shipping Packs are specifically designed and engineered for COLD transport.
  • Ship SAFE (Eliminates Hazardous Material Charges for Shipping).
  • Ideal for Cold Transport of Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Medicines, Meats and other Perishable Products.
  • Latex Free.
  • Custom Sizes Available.
  • Can be molded or frozen flat.
  • Stays colder longer.
  • Reusable.
  • Stop handling Dry Ice!
  • Also available in Non-Woven and Foil material.
See our Cold Shipping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Non-Toxic Reusable No Shipping Restrictions Latex Free Freezer Safe Proudly Made in the USA

GEL BLOX Cooler and Shipping Pack is a non toxic water-based gel refrigerant shipping pack specifically designed and engineered for COLD transport and storage of perishable items and shipping heat sensitive products. Designed as a safer alternative to dry ice, GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Packs are great for coolers & lunch boxes and ideal for cold transport of various foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood samples, medicines, chocolates, meats and other perishable items. Available in Non-Woven (reduces condensation) and Foil Material (deflects heat). Cold Shipping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Pack Packaging Options
3.5" x 4" x ¾" NEW! 3 oz. 192 Case Item #GB4353 Item #GB4353F Item #GB4353NS
4" x 6" x ¾" 6 oz. 96 Case Item #GB4696 Item #GB4696F Item #GB4696NS
4" x 6" x ¾" 8 oz. 72 Case Item #GB4672 Item #GB4672F Item #GB4672NS
4" x 8" x ¾" NEW! 8 oz. 72 Case Item #GB4872 Item #GB4872F Item #GB4872NS
6" x 6" x 1" 12 oz. 48 Case Item #GB6648 Item #GB6648F Item #GB6648NS
6" x 7" x 1" 16 oz. 36 Case Item #GB6736 Item #GB6736F Item #GB6736NS
6" x 8" x 1-¼" 22 oz. 30 Case Item #GB6830 Item #GB6830F Item #GB6830NS
6" x 9" x 1-¼" 24 oz. 24 Case Item #GB6924 Item #GB6924F Item #GB6924NS
8" x 8" x 1-½" 32 oz. * 18 Case Item #GB8818    
8" x 10" x 1-½" 48 oz. * 12 Case Item #GB81012    
* Only available in Standard Poly

GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Pack Additional Options

Foil Metalized Cold Shipping Pack Foil Metalized Cold Shipping Gel Packs
Structured gel encased in a laminated, metalized film exterior, providing a radiant heat barrier. Foil Metalized Gel Packs resist punctures and provide longer protection.
No Sweat Non Woven Cold Shipping Pack Moisture Resistant Non-Woven Cold Shipping Packs
Tough Multi-Layered Film Laminated poly exterior treated with a non-woven material. Moisture Resistant, Non-Woven material protects products from moisture damage limiting surface condensation.
Chained Bags Gel Blox Chained Bags / Saddle Bags - Gel Blox Cold Shipping Packs
Chained / Saddle Bags fully wrap around your temperature sensitive payload during shipping. Reusable and non-hazardous. Minimum orders may apply. Call us for more information at 1-888-COLDPAK.

We are able to manufacture custom sizes for all of our products. If you don't see the size you are looking for, please use our Contact Form or call us at 1-888-COLDPAK (1-888-265-3725).

Forms & Data
Additional Information
    GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Packs Test GEL BLOX Cold Shipping Pack Test (PDF)
    Clinical Trial showing the results of twelve (12) 6" x 6" 16oz Cold Shipping Packs placed in a foam insulated container over a 4 day (81 Hour) period.

Instructions for Use
    Perishables requiring temperature control such as: Pharmaceuticals, and Bio-Medical products, Meats, Seafood, Dairy, Vegatables, Fruits and Flowers

    1. Freeze before using (for best results, freeze at least 24 hours)
    2. Lay flat in freezer
    3. Use caution when removing from freezer
    4. Not to be used on the human body or for human consumption
    5. Keep out of reach of children
Download our Cold Chain Shipping Catalog to view our full line of cold shipping products.

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(1.9 MB, PDF format)

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