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Client Testimonials

March 28, 2011
I just wanted to Thank-you for making this experience so pleasurable. I appreciate you accepting the return with no problem. The machine was just too big for what I need it for. Having lung cancer of both lungs, I just needed you to know that you have been very helpful and I truly appreciate all that you have done. Everyone should make it this easy to satisfy their customers.
Thank you again.
Customer Testimonial Carolyn Sugden


November 4, 2007
“I was at a rugby tournament today and witnessed a nasty accident as a burst ‘ice bag’ sprayed ammonium nitrate into a boys face. He was fine after treatment but I am keen to source a cool bag such as your non-toxic, latex free InstaKool in the UK.”
Customer Testimonial Dan C.

October 5, 2007
“We have constantly been carrying a thermal bag with ice packs inside. Brooke was very excited to try out one of the new packs. She liked the small sizes and thin flatter surface.”
Customer Testimonial Carrie C.
London, ON

April 5, 2005
“I suffer from fibromyalgia and frequently use hot and cold to relieve pain. I have never come across a cold pack that stays as cold for as long as your brand does.”
Customer Testimonial E. Stengel

June 22, 1999
“TO: THE BEST GEL PACKS EVER! Thanks so much for your excellent help. I may order more gift packs for my friends & relatives for Christmas.”
Customer Testimonial Kathleen S.
Marietta, GA

February 10, 1999
“The larger compress gave me so much relief and pleasure. I have yet to come up with any compress that has satisfied me so much for my chronic sacroiliac joint pain.”
Customer Testimonial Marion K.
Spring Hill, FL

January 20, 1999
“Your product is so good, versatile and such a good ice pack to lay on because it is soft.”
“This is the kindest ice pack or heat pack that I have ever used in my 58 years.”
Customer Testimonial Shirley J.
Palatka, FL

March 20, 1998
“For quite a long time I have been purchasing Hot/Cold compresses, as I find your product excellent.”
Customer Testimonial Mollie H.
Brookline, MA

July 10, 1996
“Recently I fell and placed the THERMA-KOOL® on my forehead within minutes after hitting my head on the edge of my bathtub. I never got a bruise and I know getting the THERMA-KOOL® pack to my forehead quickly was the reason.”
“I don’t ever want to be without this fantastic THERMA-KOOL® pack.”
Customer Testimonial Elaine B.
Northridge, CA

July 30, 1990
“I received the THERMA-KOOL® dental pack from my Periodontist. It was and is a lifesaver. I have used it for all types of swellings, bruises, dental extractions, bee stings, as well as for headaches and fevers and any other uses for a cold pack.”
Customer Testimonial Katherine S.
Long Island, NY

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