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CELOX Stop Bleeding Wound Care Products
CELOX "Stop Bleeding" Wound Care Products - Proven on the Battlefield

- Celox™ quickly stops all types of bleeding. It can even stop potentially lethal bleeding fast. Celox was originally developed to assist military medics with some of the worst wounds imaginable. Celox™ is suitable for all types of trauma - it will help and save lives on the battlefield, gain control in a serious emergency, handle a workplace or sporting incident, or rapidly stabilize a minor cut, laceration or nose bleed. Celox™ is bioabsorbable and contains no harsh astringents.

How Celox Works

The Celox Product Range.
Easy, safe and effective... in all environments

CELOX Granules – 2 gram Pouches, 10 Pouches/Pack
CELOX Granules are a flaky powder packaged in 10 packs of 2 gram pouches that are small, flat, lightweight and easy to store and carry. CELOX stops mild to moderate bleeding in under a minute. To use - tear it open, pour it on and apply pressure. It’s that simple!

Item# N10101EA - 1 Pack (10 Pouches/Pack)
Item# N10101 - 200 Packs of 10 (2,000 Pouches/Case)

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CELOX Gauze Roll [5' x 3" Roll] & Gauze Pads [8" x 8" Pad]
Full-strength CELOX granules are bonded to the surface of CELOX gauze, which has a more stable, denser consistency than traditional thready gauze and does not compact under pressure. Just pack the injury and apply pressure. Most bleeding is stopped in under three minutes, with little or no occurrence of re-bleed.

Item # N10057EA 8" x 8" Gauze Pad - 1/Each
Item # N10040EA 5' x 3" Roll - 1/Each
Item # N10057 8" x 8" Gauze Pad - 100/Case
Item # N10040 5' x 3" Roll - 50/Case

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CELOX Nosebleed Dressing
Safe & Effective for Adults & Children. Celox Nosebleed Dressing is a small pad bonded with Celox granules. The pad can be easily inserted into the nostril to stop bleeding fast. And just like Celox granules, CELOX Nosebleed Dressing even works effectively for clotting blood containing anti-coagulant blood-thinning medications like Coumadin, Warfarin or Heparin.

Item # N10033EA: 5/Pack
Item # N10033: 5/Pack, 72/Case

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More on Celox:

Thanks to quick response time and Celox First Aid Gauze, a UK man survived a horrific chainsaw accident. Celox was originally developed to assist military medics with some of the worst wounds imaginable. It's been to Afghanistan & Iraq and helped save many lives.

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