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Therma-Kool Reusable Hot / Cold Pack
Insta-Kool Instant Cold Pack
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COOL Instant Cold Pack
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For over 50 Years, Nortech has been a pioneer & leader in first aid read more
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Eliminate hazardous materials from your work, school or home environments.

InstaKool is the answer!

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Insulated Box Liners for Cold Shipping
Insulated Box Liners for Cold Shipping


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Welcome to Nortech Labs, Inc.

Nortech Labs strives to provide green, environmentally friendly and innovative quality products to the Medical, First Aid, Therapy, Healthcare, and Cold Chain Shipping Industry.

For over a half a century Nortech Labs has strived for excellence in customer service & satisfaction while maintaining the highest integrity and quality in our products.

Nortech Labs Inc. is a United States manufacturer of hot and cold therapy, first aid, cold temperature transport, positioning, healthcare and emergency disposable products. Our innovative line of products are environmentally friendly and free of hazardous materials.

As the original developer of the Therma-Kool® Hot or Cold Gel Therapy Pack we are continuously striving to supply the marketplace with cutting edge safe products. Our expertise in cooling and gel pack manufacturing for cooling, positioning aids and therapy packs makes us a pioneer and leader in the industry. Our focus on safety has led us to be one of the first manufacturers to remove the toxic substance Ammonium Nitrate from our InstaKool instant cold packs. We pride ourselves on utilizing the safest ingredients USP United States grade raw materials.

Made in America Nortech proudly manufactures all our products in America.

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Nortech Labs 50th Anniversary
Providing green and innovative quality products to the medical, healthcare and cold chain shipping industry for over 50 years.

COOL Instant Cold Pack
ThermaKool Hot Cold Pack
ComfaGel Pressure Management

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Nortech 50 Year Anniversary